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Originally Posted by Benh View Post
5-10 admin fee. One off payment. Send a proof of ID, including proof of address. Jimmy and/or his minions place badge next to user. They become approOved.

It's a voluntary option. You trade with people who aren't approOved at your own risk. This allows newcomers to trade with no or little contribution, but those who have contributed for eons, less 'need' for it.
Yes, this!

Anything you try to do do make things better is a hassle. This is a one-off hassle that means I will get something back. If I share my details with Oople I know where they are going. If it is done in hard copy and not stored on a system it can't be hacked. It's a lot less hassle than even one scam can bring me trying to get money/goods back. (I particularly like ApproOved!)

57% of people voting want this system - that's 20% more than elected the Tories!!

Go for it, Jimmy!
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