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Originally Posted by pro4nut View Post
I like the idea of a trusted status, but i'm not keen on submitting personal data.
I have for years worked in businesses where customers data needs to be looked after however the legislation around retaining information means that i would like to know how secure my information is, how long it would be held for, who would have access to it and under what grounds could it be disclosed. I'm not trying to be objectionable i just have reservations about personal data.
I don't have an issue with a fee for status, the site doesn't run itself. I tend to clear out my kit every year or so and i like oople for that option, however i have never worried about feedback so mine doesn't reflect how much i have bought and sold over the years.
In essence i would pay a fee but if i was required to submit personal data i wouldn't participate.
Thats a pretty fair viewpoint
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