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I have to say, I wanted to buy something off an MX5 forum - there was a minimum post count - so I sacked it off and never went back.

The fact this guy is using PM's now means he can offer something to someone in any section of the forum - if they express an interest in something suddenly there's an opening.

An undoctored straight from camera shot of you with your name and date taken - remembering I've 23 years graphics experience so can't easily be fooled. A photo or scan of your passport and a utility bill.
It's just an idea - if someone doesn't want to jump through those hoops that's fair enough, trade with them but just be careful - the vast majority are honest people. In fact, everyone but this one muppet.

If you choose to be 'vetted' and come under some jimmy scrutiny then you have a nice badge of honour. I can't say no one will ever get ripped off - but I can do as much as is humanly possible.
It's pure fantasy to think some scammer would go through such a vetting - like I'd just let them through without checking out what they are up to. Meep.

Just an idea - an option. I work freelance and time is indeed money - I can't spend hours working on this stuff but I will do all I can to make it a safe place to trade - whether some people like it or not. You still get to choose at the end of the day - be vetted or don't be. I don't need to vet eyeball paul, oscar, paul rotheram etc... these are well known guys. It's new users who yes might be scared to post stuff but want to buy or sell stuff since this is a much better place for it than ebay.
I don't want a 2-class system - I just want people to feel more at ease with who they are dealing with. I've been asked a few times to check people out and deemed them legit and told the person that they looked OK to me and proceed, with caution.

I have a lot of work to do anyway so I will leave this simmering for now - I'm welcome to ideas but I do want to keep it open and free. I want to earn my living from WORKING not sucking money from this forum. I simply don't believe anyone would pay to scam people, I think it won't happen and it would just make it much much easier for me to catch them before they scam someone. As for the ID stuff - again, just an idea. If people don't like it, they don't have to do it.

If people trust me and my judgement and my work - then they'll more likely trust someone I've vetted and given approved status.
If your PM doesn't at first succeed - try, try again. I'll reply in the end, honest.
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