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Default Carbon Braiding -Re-stock

More in stock

Get it while its here....
Enough for at least 3 cars and some spare too.
The Heat shrink is included as is some small tie raps in needed.
Also in all the different sizes for a buggy.
This is what is in the kit

Kit Contains:
2m, Carbon Cable braid 2.5mm
2m, Carbon Cable braid 4mm
1m, Carbon Cable braid 6mm
1m, Carbon Cable braid 8mm
1m, Carbon Cable braid 10mm
1m, Carbon Cable braid 12mm
250mm, Black 2:1 Heatshrink 4.8mm
250mm, Black 2:1 Heatshrink 6.4mm
250mm, Black 2:1 Heatshrink 9.5mm
250mm, Black 2:1 Heatshrink 12.7mm
10x, Black 100mm Cable ties

Thanks for looking everyone....

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