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Originally Posted by butty1978 View Post
Hi guys I am lucky to be entering the euro warm up on Saturday the first time racing on the dirt track and also the first time with my kf so can not wait. The question I have is what is the best tyres to run on the front and rear and also how many races can I expect to get out of a set of tyres?

Thanks in advance
Proline Holeshots rear ONLY. M3 or M4 compound. There is not a lot between the compounds to be honest.
#PL8206-02 - Pro-Line 'Holeshot 2.0' 2.2" M3
#PL8206-03 - Pro-Line 'Holeshot 2.0' 2.2" M4

On the front you can run the Proline 2wd Ribs:
#PL8175-02 - Proline 2.2 4-Rib Tyres M3
#PL8175-03 - Proline 2.2 4-Rib Tyres M4

Or any other Proline 2wd front tyre.

I've run the ribs (which are good), but preferred the Scrubs on both my Yokomo and B4.1 before that:
#PL8212-02 - Proline Scrubs 2.2" 2WD Off-Road Buggy Front Tyres M3

The tyres last well. I've got some of last years tyres (kept in sealed bags) to run on the practice day, and will glue a new set of rears up for in 2wd and a new full set for 4wd.

I'd say you'd want one set of fronts and two rears at a minimum for 2wd.

The dirt track is awesome!
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