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Originally Posted by rasher View Post
Looking at a return to racing after a break whilst I've been relocating to Watford during this year.

Not run 2WD for a long, long time but have a B5M to get me up and running again and may opt for a B6 if I get properly back into the hobby.

Looking at popping in to the club but wanted to ask which B5M setup works best for the grip level at the club? I have the 4 and 3 gear transmission and planning on running a LRP X20 8.5t or a 9.5t with Flow Works ESC. Anyone recommend which transmission would work better on the club surface with the mini pin rears and cut stagger fronts.

Is 8.5t a sensible choice for the size of the track at the club?


Hi Ian welcome to Watford I will say best for our club would be 3 gear transmission and an 8.5t motor will be fine. as for tyres mini pin and cut stagger work best we are back racing this week so if your around come and have a look around
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