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Originally Posted by rasher View Post
Looking at a return to racing after a break whilst I've been relocating to Watford during this year.

Not run 2WD for a long, long time but have a B5M to get me up and running again and may opt for a B6 if I get properly back into the hobby.

Looking at popping in to the club but wanted to ask which B5M setup works best for the grip level at the club? I have the 4 and 3 gear transmission and planning on running a LRP X20 8.5t or a 9.5t with Flow Works ESC. Anyone recommend which transmission would work better on the club surface with the mini pin rears and cut stagger fronts.

Is 8.5t a sensible choice for the size of the track at the club?


Originally Posted by SgtBash View Post
Thanks for the welcome and for the information from everyone.

I doubt I'll be running this week as the car is in pieces in the box it was 'donated' in....I'll drop the 3 gear and 8.5T in after rebuilding the diff.

John, I do have a brass front bulkhead which I'll also fit, thanks for the advice.

I'll try and pop in to say hello on Thursday.

Cheers again.
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