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Small update

Since posting the first rendering. I have “refined” it a bit more (I think)
Also I have changed the waterfall slightly to take a B5M battery bar. Did also cross my mind to make it hinged but this works for now and means theoretically you can just but a B5M bar and use it. Also grooved the motor mount to aid cooling and generally chamfered lots of bits to make it look pleasing to my eye.
With the chassis opted for a hole were the gear box would go, as it would be cheaper to cut a hole that mill a pocket out then to protect the bottom of the gear box I have made a skid guard/small rear bumper

I have ended up with 2 possibility’s:

Normal as we shull call it. Basically when the low gear box is on the chassis there wasn’t quite enough room for a saddle pack. So I have just made the chassis/battery are abit longer, just enough to just fit a saddle pack in.
However after I finished it realised there isn’t much room for ESC and the stuff you need

Click for 3D viewer -> 

I then looked to rectify this my making it longer (approx. the width of an ESC) my only concern with this one is that the wheel base may be wayyy too long.
On this version I have also pocketed out the would be 3D printed side pod bit so that brass weight can be added within them Think I will also do this to the above one, calso keeps print cost down.

click for 3D Viewer -> 

As I a way Farley happy with the gear box, that is now being printed in SLS Graphite plastic stuff (not via shapeways) via a similar website. Chose this stuff due to its graphite content should make the gear box a bit stiff and more durable that the standard plastic stuff (I presumed its not to dissimilar to the old losi graphite plastic)
in my haste to get it printed I have ended up print a MK1 (1st image) waterfall brace not latter one show in this post.

Once that arrived ill try and post some pics up, then ill set about

A: getting a proto chassis made in acrylic got a local guy who can laser cut one
B: Hack up my older/oldest CR2 chassis Drill a few extra holes in it and see what happens.

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