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Little update,

gone a bit quiet latley due low on funds, decided to buying a house

any way before this, sent a file away to be printed. it had been prited got an update that it had been posted on the 6/11 well it only nloody arived today (royal mail for you) obviously been on a detour some were

any way these are the bits i had printed.

I had the side bars printed,decided to intergrate the nut into the bar as "looks neater" and becuase i could.

Had some motor plates printed as the one id hacked out of a piece of plastic was no really doing what it should, also got some axle spacer to take the 10mm hex to 12mm.

The side bar are such that they no longer need bolt on the top holding them down like on existing cr2 with the layered side pods.

Going to attmept to fit these bits and bobs on tonight and see what we get.

Also got to a point where i have revised the gearbox just waiting for some funds to get one printed up!going to order the internals see how it all fit fingers crossed that should be all with the gear box.

i am tweaking the water fall bracy thing and also exploring an idea northy suggested.

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