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parts fitted yayee!


Nice and low


result of frivolus mirroring


not much space.eek

so well happy with how its all gone together.well happy with the wheel spacers.

a few thing need correctong but this is all part of the fun/learning process.
Things that looking at:

1.Far to frivolous with the Mirror command in cad and forgot/didnt account for a spur gear ao the right aode pod will need to be amended.

2.the Lipos i am using apart from being ancient seem very tall or this could be the reason they are so tall so nees to look into more detail about lipo height which once established can sort the waterfall brace out.

3.need to make the nut hole at the front tad bigger.

On wards we go

Kyosho TF2 Kyosho TF3 Kyosho TF4-R
Kyosho Lazer ZX-R Mk2 Kyosho ZXR Kyosho zx
Kyosho Lazer 2000 (with zx parts)
Atomic CR2 SCT
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