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Hey I might just ask one of my friends to race this at the next race here, I think it would do very well!

Here are some pictures of the steering on my FF buggy...

Instead of the pivot point being in the middle of a bellcrank, I moved the pivot point right up front and this allows it to actually sit on the sides of the front gearbox, close to the outdrives. To achieve this, the bellcranks actually mount to the upper deck instead of the lower one. The bellcranks now pivot forward instead of backwards in a typical setup.

This took a long time to figure out how to get everything working freely but it's working!

Bellcranks mounted on bottom side of upper deck

That's all the space there is between the servo and the front gearbox.

Today I cut new chassis plates out of carbon fiber and while I was at it I decided to make some small changes. I changed the shape of the upper deck slightly to add strength to some areas (although I didn't really have any problems with breakage yet) and removed some area for aesthetics.

Biggest change to the bottom chassis is that I've modified it to give more front kickup. The hingepin mounting block used to be mounted on top of the lower deck but now it is sitting flush with the bottom of the upper deck. This is done via spacers which will also allow me to add or remove "kick-up" if I need it.

In case you're wondering, the hingepin blocks come from a DB-01.

Hingepin blocks now sit flush with chassis bottom to give more "kick up"

Pic of everything mounted up in front.
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