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Originally Posted by Mr. Pink View Post
Very impressive build!
You might get copied...
Had also the same thoughts of a reversed rb5 about a year ago but the efforts were spent om my rb5 mid at that moment. Have you narrowed the DB-01 front? I still can not figure out how to get tha lazer-sp/fs front narrow enough to get within 250mm with wide rims mounted.

lol! It would be interesting to see more FF buggies around - do build and share!

Yes, I have narrowed the DB-01 front end. It's done at the suspension blocks. Currently the front of the car car is running a Kyosho RB5 narrow hingepin block in front and DB01 blocks in the rear. The DB01 blocks as pictured are separate pieces so they are easily positioned.

In the end the car comes to a hair under 255mm wide in front from edge of tire to tire.
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