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Hi Tom,

I have also been running on loose fairly low grip tracks.
Your diff oils look good, the softer springs you have chosen make sense, Ifmar studs are also in the right direction.

I would add the weights in the rear of the car, more static weight is good in the lower traction area's. Also check that you have the same amount of front andrear negative suspension travel, droop, has a big efect on how the rear behaves.

Softer springs make sense, more weight transfere - more traction. But watch out as if the surface is too slick, you might not be transfering enough weight to start the car rolling. In this event it might be better to go for stiffer springs to have a more abrupt innitial transfere of weight in an attwempt to start the weight transfere roll.

Huhh, hope it makes sense... :-)
...... KYOSHO ......
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