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Originally Posted by KillaKevC View Post
Hey guys,

First post although I have had a lot of help via private messages (thanks!)

I've managed to get some kit together second hand and after a month of rebuilding, cleaning and finding the right tools I finally had it working today and it was great fun to be driving again!

Basically I used to race regionally (north east) when I was a teenager but that was 20 years ago now. I'm going to come and embarrass myself at MB Models racetrack sometime, see if I can still get around a track, and wanted to ask some questions if anyone would be kind enough to help and give advice:

Are there chairs tables and power available in the pits or would I need to bring those and a car battery along with me (like I used to) to charge my kit?

Is it any issue to turn up late if I can make wednesdays? I may not be able to get there till around 6:30 so may miss track build, practice, booking in?

How much practice, qualification etc is there at a club meeting, I only have two lipos, if that fine to get through a meeting now? (We used to have a pack for each round when I was a kid, I'm still a bit unconvinced by this lipo/brushless witchcraft)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Kev, please try to pop down to the indoor venue MB raceway when you can. also look for the Saturday open practice sessions where you can spend the full day practising at your pleasure.
You'll soon pick is up and get back to where you were all those years ago.

Tables, chairs and power provided at the track. two lipos will be fine.
Just message the club via here or facebook if you intend to come to the wednesday night meeting and want to get pre-booked. racing is underway by 7pm.
Wednesday Club meetings doors open 5.30pm, racing by 7pm. Then 3 rounds and finals.
BRCA membership is mandatory for the MB Raceway.

I'll get the indoor season calandar posted here.

You can also find and join our Facebook group:

Which has upto date photos and results from meetings.
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