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A scammer won't pay 5. They won't send ID, they will look for an easier target.

I am talking about Tom Heath or whatever his name is - he's a criminal - Captain Lip might have talked a lot of bollocks but he wasn't a scammer.

I am talking about someone joining and PM'ing to offer good deals - and running off with the money. I won't stop people PM'ing because it's an important part of the forum - but a 'trusted' badge at least gives people some peace of mind. If someone PM's you and they are new and have no 'badge of trust' or whatever, then you can be cautious. That's not to say it's fool proof or people won't disagree on things despite no actual scamming going on.

Two cars side by side, one locked up, one with the windows open and keys in the ignition. Which does the crim choose.
If your PM doesn't at first succeed - try, try again. I'll reply in the end, honest.
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