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Default Bury Metro Winter Series Round 2 20/11/16

Booking in is now open for round 2 of the BMRCC winter series on 20th November 20016

Same venue as last year @ Counthill School

Due to popular demand last year the meeting will again be capped to only 8 heats with 9 cars in each heat to make sure we can get 4 rounds and a final in. This is a limit of 72 cars. 36 in each class

Please leave all the usual details, if you have not raced at the club before.

PT number
BRCA number
Ability 1 to 10. (10 being A finalist)


Colin Kershaw
Josh Holdsworth
Luke Holdsworth
Alistair Sharp Brca 152213 PT 5198197 Ability 7
Thomas Hodgkinson
Jonathan Hinton Pt 7339181 Brca 162427 Ability 3
Dougie Henderson
Adam Perei pt 8211260
Ashton Perei pt 6936033
Danny James
Ian Kirkpatrick PT : 6047535 BRCA : 20408 Ability : 10
Chris Hinks
Matt Hinks
Dave Madsen
Neil Ralph BRCA No:- 151849 PT No:- 6599474 Ability:- 7/8
Scott Broadbent
Nick oliver PT 9788964
Jason Harris
Mark Redmond
Molly Mahon
Mike Bradbury
Darren Wales
Tony Parr
Connor Cocker
Dave smith pt no:- 4749931 brca 151708 ability 7
David Hinks Club PT
Mark Crompton
Nick Moorhouse Club PT
James Pritchard
Scott Walker PT: 2103123 Ability: 5 BRCA: 11421
Ian Martin (7)
Daniel Martin (junior) (2)
Kev Lee
Nick Caro
Paul Rotheram
Chris Elworthy
Lee Ball Brca 151625 Pt 9920310 Ability 4
Joel Maher
Alec Springer BRCA 13041 PT 5439383

Total = 40 out of 36


Neil Burdess
Minty Taylor
Bob mcfarlane
Steve Taylor
Cam Taylor
Dan Taylor
Mark Redmond
Leon Satchell
Martin Mills
Lee Fraser Pt 4054099 Brca 26002
Bryn Tindall
Mark Broadbent
Colin Bailey
Nick Moorhouse PT:- 6602131 BRCA:- 163003 Ability:- 5
Alan Rylance
Lee Cottrell
Stu Mahon
Damo Whittle
Paul Davies
Harvey Davies
Adam Perei
James Pritchard
Liam Galvin PT: 4308598 Ability: 7 BRCA: 1985
Ian Martin
Duncan lomas
Ste jones
Colin Brennan
Rob moss Pt number:- 5427121 Brca:- 162966 ability 3
simon wallis Brca no 162467 Pt no 5398539 Skill level - 5
Lewis wallis (junior) Brca no 162469 Pt no 3088069 Skill level - 2
Kev Lee PT 2767189 BRCA 8589
Dave Dutton PT 5000899 BRCA 152279
Ashley Patterson BRCA 152344 Transponder number 3765778

Total = 33 out of 36

Meeting now Full

Bury Metro - Club Chairman

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