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If you look back in the thread section this is in... the area of country headings below them are all sections related.

pick what area of country you live in, or want to compete in and go from there.

The dates of 2012 events will be listed as they are organised by the BRCA Regional reps... book in for them and go have some fun

for example, I race in Mid East region, usually the season consists of 4 2wd buggy meetings and 4 4wd buggy meetings across summer on outdoor tracks based in the east midlands as organised.

Its a great way to move up from just local club racing and gets you around to different tracks, racing against other drivers in your area and its in a friendly and competitive championship... at the end of it you will be 'F' graded on championship position... this grading then helps with seeding you at future events so you are racing with others of similar skill levels, which helps you to improve as the racing becomes cleaner and faster with higher skill levels of drivers.
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