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Originally Posted by Slider SCT View Post
So dropping the bad rounds out of a day..........still sounds like what we have now but with heat changes or am I still missing something? (in not that bright,it's easy done! ;-)
There's the possibility of dropping the bad rounds, if you have worse rounds elsewhere then you don't drop any at all. You drop so many bad score in a year not necessarily in a day.
Now you have to drop some or is it one? each race day which means if your first three races are crap you still have some reason to be there with this sytem as you can still score some very good points, unlike now where you're stuck in a bad final getting poor points because two or three quali's didn't go well. If they were step-up finals then this wouldn't be as big an issue but they're not.

Originally Posted by Slider SCT View Post
You originally made the point about poor driving standards, if you put points on every round, in my opinion you'll multiply that issue as a better finish carries more points therefore drivers will go for the best finish possible. The majority of finals at this level tend to have slower results due to the fighting for and defending of positions, your proposal basically measn 6-7 races of that type
Don't we all drive for the best finish anyway, even in the heats, we always want to beat the truck in front, even though you probably started 5 seconds later, the racing instinct still tells most of us to race and beat that other truck. I'm not saying we all do it but I bet the majority of us do, so if we're going to race in a heat then why not make it a race? There's generally been no worse driving in the finals than in the heats so there shouldn't be any less or any more contact.

Originally Posted by Slider SCT View Post
I fail to see how this will improve and nullify your original problem with driving standards
Driving standards will not change but at least your day isn't ruined like it is now by getting T-boned in two heats
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