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Originally Posted by teamtinky88 View Post
The local club I race at is purely grass and it's brilliant to drive on, we've even had meetings where it's rained and been good fun and good racing.
I have raced at nationals on grass, and in the rain when you have up to 100 racers you can end up with them digging up the grass. I remember one meeting where it was so wet that the buggies dug holes on the corner apexes big enough to put your buggy in. You then had a bucket of water to try and clean the mud off it before you could do any work on it between races. With astro your buggy will come off wet but there will be no mud everywhere.

For the club with astro there's very little maintenance compared to grass, no holes to be filled or patches to be regrassed, no grass to be trimmed before the meeting. Races don't have to be scored round by round like grass tracks do due to the grass wearing away. Bumps and jumps covered in astro won't need repairing, and the start grid can be painted and won't need repainting the next meeting.

Grass might be fine for local club meets, but it takes a hammering at national level.

As RHR has said, while you can easily race on astro when it is raining, as the nationals run one class each day on a weekend if we have light rain all day then the meeting for that day would have to be cancelled.
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