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They were an underestimated car for sure, but i think that's changed now. I do think badge snobbery is still a factor though. R/c racing is super tough for a new brand to emerge into but Pr are getting it right.

Up our way more and more people and changing to them. So easy to drive fast, easy to setup and rarely see a breakage.

My son is 8yrs and has made a huge leaps with his. At club level he's gone from E to C finals. So far similar story at regionals. Last year before we changed to PR he ran a 10.5t in his 4wd and was broken a lot. He has a 6.5t in the 401 and has had some huge crashes! The car is tank! Not indestructible, but tougher than our Durangos (which weren't exactly soft!)

The level of support from Kev at Inside line is second to none! Cant recommend PR enough!
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