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Originally Posted by oldenoughtoknowbetter View Post
Im looking for some advice regarding my cat 2000 ec. Recently picked up a rolling chassis very cheap and looking to use a lipo set up in it. Has anyone got any experience of using lipos in an ec? will it take a shorty or a saddle pack?
I also need to find out what lipo tray it will need.
The buggy is going be used as a runner so any advice regarding essential upgrades would be appreciated.
At present it only has plastic shocks. Is this normal for an ec or have rhese been replaced?
It also appears to be running blade drive shafts and not rollers
Love the look of the ec cant wait run it
ec rollers driveshafts should have the plastic shocks

ecs the special with blades should have the greygreen anodized ones....

mvh isobarik
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