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I thought I would add my little story here as well...

A few weeks back I decided that enough was enough, and I really needed to get something done about my weight. I've been around 100kg for years (height 5'10" btw)... lowest I've been was 98 a few years back for a sailing event, but as it was a quick drop (2weeks), lost a load of strength too.

As a bit more background, last Nov I moved out to China, and whilst I was riding to work everyday back in the UK, since being here I've hardly done much to help matters. My fitness level as a result has suffered, and my weight has slowly creeped up to above 102kg. Part of my big issue has always been that I've also enjoyed food (usually not the good stuff as well) a bit too much, and tended to eat a lot in the evenings.

Anyway, like I said before, a few weeks back I decided enough was enough. Part the of the reason was the lady telling me that she would like me thinner... and that pushed me over the edge.

So for the past few weeks, I've been running 2-3 times a week, and doing some smaller exercises at home each day. Also on a non-running day, try to mix it up with cycling and swimming.
I'm also making a concerted effort to eat less (especially in the evenings), and eat better, and drinking a lot more water instead of other things. And that includes completely cutting out alcohol for the time being, although that is more to do with the below.

I have another goal as well, as a colleague mentioned about doing a half-marathon in shanghai in Dec, which I've agreed to do. I've never done anything like that before... but figure it gives me a good target to work too.

Self-motivation has always been a big issue for me, but with people around me pushing me, it certainly helps.

So far, I started out at 103kg four weeks ago, and last week when I weighed myself I was down to 101.5kg. Not a huge amount, but I've decided the best thing is not to become fixated on the actual weight. My main targets are to look better and be fitter, and I figure the weight will follow as a consequence.

I do have a general target of 80-85kg, any less than that and I think I would be a bit weak, and as I have a larger build will struggle to get less.

On the fitness side, already seeing big improvements. At the start I could hardly run 4K without stopping... this week alone I've already done two 12K runs (one being an interval style session), and plan to do a 15K before the end of the week.

Ok, the times are below the target I have for the half marathon (2hr 10min), but at the moment I'm concentrating on getting the endurance, and then speed can come latter.

At the very least, I am already starting to see a difference. I look thinner, can grab a less around the middle, and well, the distances on the runs speak for themselves... so far, so good..

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