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Originally Posted by smOkin View Post
Awesome stuff! Just wanted to say something learnt from personal experience though about the runs, you'd be better off doing more shorter runs, ie 5k than smashing in 10,12,15k'ers because the longer runs give your joints inparticular quite a hammering and you don't want to be off injured. Of course the long steady jogs are great for burning calories, but also with slightly shorter ones you can speed up each time which will increase your strength and so increase your metabolism so you'll be burning more calories even when you're not running..
Good Luck!
Followed the advice today, just kept it to a short 5K... and promptly smashed my PB, and managed it in 29:03, which I was well chuffed with!

Thankfully, there's a 400m track that is open to the public all the time near where I live, so doing most of the training on there, as I have had issues with my ankles and knees before, so trying to be kind to them to start with! Followed more advice from my colleague, and run in the outside lane, whilst also doing half one direction and half the other so not to overload the ankles/knees unduly.
Whats more crazy is the 100+ chinese people that appeared from no-where at about 6pm tonight, and were just walking around the track... (envious) madness, but it's no wonder most of them are stick thin!

And as a good end to the day... getting dressed for going out for dinner (FYI, Sushi ), realised I needed to use the next hole in on the belt to keep the jeans up.... OH YEAH!
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