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Well the first test was directly at a race, and was quite succesfull (ended 6th of B main out of 5 series overall - and I am a 1/8 buggy driver beginning in 1/10 2WD).

I did the shaved caster block mod, put e-speed hangers, dremelled the chassis for saddle packs and used Elvo's recommendations and mostly used one of his latest carpet setup. I didn't receive the racer's edge rear hubs in time to lower the rear link to a "C hub" level but that's for next time.

The car was initially pushy on exit - note that tires were restricted to sub-optimal AKA rebar/impact so we didn't get yellow minipin grip levels, which probably explains the push (front tires not gripping enough). Changing the toe block to 3 solved the push, and the car was dialled (at least for my beginner's perception)!

One question though: I have attempted to achieve a 65/35 weight distribution (@1700g) but didn't manage more than 64/36 short of putting more lead in rear pods, or left and right of the motor. Any thoughts? Should I load the rear some more?

Note that I have put 2x25g of rudebits' brass under the saddles (didn't use the "under servo" piece as this made the weight distribution even worse).

I also had some issues with the kyosho velvet shocks that I put in the rear - they are a tad shorter than AE's and ride heigth was difficult to get to 24mm, but in the end that worked out.
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