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Default Newbie questions about LC Racing EMB 1

Hi, thinking about getting an EMB 1 as a second car to run in the garden for fun and as an entry to rc for my daughter.

I've seen a second hand car for sale here but I know nothing about micros at all so looking for some advice please.

Can I run a standard size servo?
What lipos should I be running, would prefer hardcase for the increased protection.
Where can I buy spares / hop ups? I recall schumacher used to do these but that doesnt seem to be the case any more.
What wheels and tyres should i be using and where can i buy them? I'll be using the car on grass and patio mainly, with a bit of use on carpet.
What's the deal with the lwb conversion I've read about - is it needed and where can I buy it?

Many thanks and sorry for all the questions- I can't find much up to date info on these.
Schumacher L1
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