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The LC's normally come with a Batan servo - the original owner must still have this.

Most of us now run hardcase - they cost up to ~ 30 each. For fun I'd buy some softcase ones for ~ 10.

Spares - Schumacher & other model shops, just look on line. Not much breaks on them - prob shock towers normally - get a carbon one from Thumbs Designs.

For bashing I'd buy the cheapest rubber that I could find - there are some cheap tyres & wheels around. They must fit a 12mm hex.

For carpet most of us use foam tyres to race They are cheap and last a long time. Rubber tyres don't last very long on carpet & they are a lot more expensive. It just depends on how competitive you want to be.

The LWB version is the most common with us - not necessarily faster but you crash a lot less racing so easier to drive fast.

Good luck
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