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Default 2wd buggy

For what it's worth I run at dms and run both a b6 and b6d although just tend to stay with the b6 for there, if I'm honest either would be a good choice, jon and darren both run tlr and are quick. At the last club meet of 2016 I tried jons car and although speedo and tranny were set miles different to how I have mine the car did feel real good to drive. I'm not the quickest but certainly not slowest there, normally middle to top half of A final. My honest answer would possibly be go for tlr with exotek laydown, I keep thinking about it but whenever I go into shop they keep tempting me with all nice shiny stuff for my b6!! And of course I can't help but buy shiny stuff!! Jon and darren will give you good honest advice too and are both approachable👍
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