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Originally Posted by Welshy40 View Post
I still am very sceptical as its fixed and doesnt account for belt stretching unlike my L brace design where its better suited and doesnt cost the earth.

Also looks very much like my top deck mount design two piece Manolis made me for my zxs, so maybe be a new supplier of alloy parts which is good.
I don't think the bearing is fixed. If you looking carefully where the bolt is, you can see lights (in the dark area) are coming thru the part. I would assume there is a slot there, where you can adjust the height of the bearing.

I am all for the L brace design. I also made one myself, but its giving tension from the bottom, not the top.

Welshy, plastic injection is too expensive for the front gear box. I am machining it out of Aluminum 7075.

There will be a think lexan that goes in the groove in the middle to keep dirts out. I am refining the design to make it more manufacturable. I will send you a set to abuse with once I am done.
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