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Default Greetings

Hi thanks for adding me to the FB group the other day. I got your details and joined this forum on the recommendation of another user that I met through work....I don't know his user name, and until I know the oople forum etiquette regarding real world names will keep it to myself, but if he reads this he will probably know who he is.

I live local to York and am keen to get back into RC and Racing so thought I would pop over on the 8th September and say hello. No cars to race at the moment, (other than an old losi xxx4 and MF2 truck with brushed setups and batteries that last about 45seconds...) but am more than happy to help setup the track and do a bit of marshaling if its needed.

Anyways, I was looking for a section of the forum to say 'Hello', and figured this would be as good a place as any....Oh, and apologies in advance for all the newbie questions that I will probably ask, things appear to have changed somewhat since I last did this...

...So Hi, I'm Gray and I am a born again RC'er.
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