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The part numbers you need are:

1 LOSA5045 Shock Pistons #57, Black
1 LOSA5046 Shock Pistons #56, Red
1 LOSA5048 Shock Pistons #54, Blue
1 LOSA5047 Shock Pistons #55, Orange
2 LOSA5060 Shock Shaft,.6" Ti-Nitride
4 LOSA5015 Double O-Ring Shock Cartridge
1 LOSA5054 Threaded Shock Body Set .6"
1 LOSA5056 Threaded Shock Body Set 1.2"
2 LOSA5064 Shock Shaft,1.0" Ti-Nitride
2 x LOSA5023 Shock spring cups
1 x LOSA5013 Shock mount bushings
1 x LOSA2006 Swivel balls

You dont need all the pistons but there handy to have! then you just need some springs.
Hope that helps
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