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Originally Posted by NicolasCH View Post

1. I'm currently using a GHEA 30g brass bulkhead with good success... makes sense keeping that in (instead of weight under the ESC?
The GHEA bulkhead has been on and off my car dozens of times, but it hasn't been on in a year or more. It does what it does: it puts weight right up at the nose. Keeps the nose down, but I can't help but feel it slows rotation (yaw) down as well. I know Ellis feels the same way. We both like the bulk of the weight central in the car, in the ESC and battery area.
Besides, AE did a good job on picking the right kind of plastic for the bulkhead.

2. I understand that all I need to convert my B4.1 FT worlds edition is B4 outdrives and their corresponding bearings; is that correct or are there other recommended parts to procure (sorry it's a bit off topic)?
I think that's all. The only thing I can think of is: some of the earlier B4.1 kits came with very cheesy front arms which liked to bend and stay bent, altering ride height and caster. The old plastic or graphite is preferred.

3. .. the E Speed hanger brings - I suppose it is shortening the link, but in terms of position, is it higher or lower than standard ....
It lowers the inner ballstud and brings it out some. The 'up' position is a mm or two lower than stock, the 'down' position is even lower.
Note that Ellis often uses shaved down Racers Edge rear hubs, putting the ball stud 25.5mm above the hinge pin, which is exactly what AE's 'C' hubs are doing as well.

4. I am using ae standard shocks with Silver (3.85) /Silver (2.1) AE springs - should I expect to have to change with the X6?
No, those are good. It would be good to have the AE blue fronts in your box as well, in case those HPI front tires start generating some decent grip.

5. Opinions on sway bars? I don't run any at the moment, is it recommended or more a nice to have (remember I'm not running minipins, so grip is not massive).
I only use them if I have to. Like if I'm desperate for steering. On most of Ellis' set-ups, you'll see he uses a thin bar and the shocks in the inner hole on the arm. On most of my set-ups, there is no bar, but the shocks are in the middle hole. Both options bring the same kind of balance in the car and have more or less the same roll stiffness, but they just bring a different feel to the rear end. It's a very personal thing. I'm smooth, Ellis more aggresive. Take your pick. [/QUOTE]

6. Finally, would your "Petit Race 2010" setup be a good starting template, or did you squeeze some improvements since then?
That should be good. It's not far off the Ellis Area 51 set-up.
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