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Originally Posted by mk2kompressor View Post

there are more vids on there

lipo in thas scale way are too much to handle(ive tried),normal rechargable aaa are much more consistant,you must of had some dud nimh's if you think drycell are faster

the internals are made by ko unless you get the cheaper i-series which have crap fets in them.
my personal cars are all 2.4g using the same ics system for throttle curves ect.

we want to limit the cars so it does come down to driver skill and not "factory drivers who get factory parts" with the edge
A big single 3.7v cell lipo would probably do the job a treat,
rechargable cells are 1.2 volts x 4 is 4.8 volts obviously,where as dry cells are 1.5v x 4 = 6Volts = more punch[in my world anyway].I didn`t mean radio gear internals[i wouldn`t slate KO gear] but the built in servo is a bit pants in my experiance.The stock motors leave a lot to be desired[no brushless]
I havn`t seriously looked at Mini z for the last 3-4 years or so,so things will of obviously moved on.
One of the main problems is price,as with all micro stuff,it is usually only a bit more money for something bigger.People still seem to think bigger is better but i say everything has it`s place.The original idea of Mini`z racing is it can be set up in a very small place and the look of the fantastic scale bodys.
Have a look at the normal micro scene and see how hard it has been to promote anything new,those guys put a lot of effort in.The fact is that 1/10 has been most popular the longest,there are loads of different makes not just one,plus any kind of investment at the moment is very carefully thought out and to put a load of dosh into something that might not get the support it deserves is a big risk for most folks[JMHO].
If there was a bigger price difference between Mini z`s and say 1/10 it might get taken up a bit more,but i return to my points about the other micro scales 1/18 and the more rare 1/16,there is no doubting they are ace but if people are already set up for 1/10 then spending more in an uncertain climate is just not on the cards.
It would be nice if people organising any certain type of racing opened thier minds to the idea that people like to be different.If you turned up mob handed at a 1/10 touring car meeting with say 5+ drivers they might put a heat on for you[Ask],if you supported the event with spares and had a couple of second hand cars,maybe a new set up or so for sale or just to look at,you might get some interest.
You wanted some responces to your thread,sorry if mine seemed a little downbeat but belive me i do understand and can only wish you all the best in promoting these loverly little RC`s.
Please please do keep us informed of meetings/events,take pictures/video,get close up,write a report.It one of the toughest jobs to promote anything,keep at it
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