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Originally Posted by mk2kompressor View Post
its not that bad to drive on,i get the corners are mostly 90*,we get within a few mm without any issues but what hazards?
I know pre fabs have thier limitations,but 90`s and 180`s are a bit boring to me,a bit to slotcar if you know what i mean?[No offence intended to slotcars racers]
Hazards like the top left hand corner on the F1 vid you posted,i call that a "nerg" corner,the one everyone clips at some point,bringing the car to a full stop when just getting on the power.
I like tracks to flow better and this lot round here like lots of groovey jumps,so you wont get much change out of them

We are not going to agree on batterys,but hey who cares,as long as everyones having fun eh?
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