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Originally Posted by Mark Headling View Post
Read the report on the UK Micro X event and like the look of the new Carisma car, I have had a Xray M18T in the past and quite fancy one of these little cars again!

Is the RTR coming out first?

Will they do it as a rolling chassis?

Any ideas on Cost?

What Saddle cells did the guys run in them?

Did Sleigh use cut down wheels/mini pins on the front of his car?
Im not 100% sure in which order the cars will be released. I have the RTR, Phil and Keith used the Pro spec and I have heard a rumour of an ARTR version too. Would presume that either the ARTR or RTR would be first

See above. FYI the Pro spec will be a rolling chassis also.

Carisma sent the team some 2000mAh saddle packs. They were faultless all day

He ran the thinner Schumacher mini pins on the front of his. If you saw Jimmy's pic of my GT14B you would have seen the standard kit wheels and tyres also

More pics at
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