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Hey Mark

I think we all used the Carisma speedo and motor combo. I did originally run a Novak Mongoose in the car for testing, as I was familar with that set-up. I changed to the Carisma gear the day before the MicroX meeting following excellent feedback from Keith and Cris.

The motor myself and Keith used was a 6800Kv and was plenty quick enough to out run anything in a straight line. In fact mine was probably still accelarating at the end of the straight. I beleive the motor Cris used was a 4500Kv and was still pretty quick.

As for the speedo I was extremely impressed with how simple it was to set-up and how much "feel" the unit had being a sensorless unit (first time I'd ever used sensorless). The unit is a forward/reverse unit with the option to turn off the reverse, which is required under Micro rules.

As for the car itself, the quality of all the parts is second to none and the thought that's gone into the build/design is obvious when you look at the options available (inc. Multiple camberlink positions, roll-bars front/back, droop limiters, big bore shocks, carbon chassis option, alloy motor mount, alloy slipper unit, CVD option etc..)

As I think someone mentioned over on the UK-Micro forum, the cars ran for a few meetings prior to MicroX and over all these meetings there wasn't a single breakage on any car. As you would expect with a pre-production car we did a few tweaks to improve the set-up but that's about it.

My plans are to continue to run the car leading upto the Micro Nationals starting in October, to evaluate various set-ups and also put more track time in with the Carisma tyre options. I believe these could offer additional performance gain, but the short run up to MicroX meant it was easy to hit the ground running on the Schumacher Mini-Pins/Rally Blocks.

If time allows I might even give the car a run on a more traditional 1/10th off-road track to see how it copes, as this might entice a few more racers over to Micro's if they can use the car on other easily assessible tracks.

Overall the level of interest in the car has been really impressive and this will certainly shake up the "Shark/Blaze" domination from the past few years.

Any question feel free to ask and I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

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