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Stunning news as it is to some - the oOple race series and invernational have always been non-profit and seperate from me (oOple) in that way totally. I've had my costs reimbursed for trophies and stickers and such like as have all the other guys on the team that have put their own money into stuff. The sponsors we've managed to get sorted for the oOple series again are to help with the costs and to make a better event and totally seperate from me and oOple - it's a charitable / club account controlled by someone else.

For me, the best way to at least try protect people is to make them a part of it. The PM offers are the biggest problem now - the only way to keep that safe is to make people be a part of it by joining.

People see adverts on here and join to buy something - I can see it being really off putting to find out you need to suddenly pay money to join in on the action.

It's been suggested I 'charge' a nominal fee for adverts - this isn't protecting people, it's only about earning money. Nothing wrong with earning money - I am self employed and freelance and oOple is all I have - but I don't really like that route.

This is free - it's just how you want to be protected. The forsale section probably sees thousands of pounds change hands every week - I feel personally responsible if someone is scammed.

Can even keep it all open and just let people choose to become 'trusted' members - photo id and addressed utility bill photocopy with a fiver in an envelope along with your full name, dob and phone number etc. Stick it in a drawer and forget about it unless someone is scammed - which probably wouldn't happen from someone who goes to those lengths to prove their honesty.
Again - for those longtime or many-post members - it could just be automatic that they gain their wings of trust. Or something like that.

I hated the them and us on racechat - we all moved to - I set up the forum on here only because Doughty was sponsored and I wanted a place to talk about non-losi stuff.
I don't want to profit from it - but the idea of a trusted member makes me feel warm inside. as for money - I can buy some stuff and give it away in competitions if you like. Might get miself a maccyD's from it tho also.
If your PM doesn't at first succeed - try, try again. I'll reply in the end, honest.
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