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Without re-reading everything above -- I just found out oOple still exists -- let me talk a moment about the X - 7.

First, we believe today that two important engineering concepts on the X - 7 remain vital improvements on 4WD R/C cars. One is in the driveline and the other the steering. The X - 7 still accelerates and steers like no other 4WD car.

There are two problems which continue to prevent us from making the car.

First, we can't find belts and pulleys that will survive the incredible power of today's LiPos and brushless motors. We are making at least double and perhaps three times the power we were just 10 years ago, and with the best parts we could find at the time, we couldn't make the X - 7 driveline last more than one race weekend. It was crazy fast, but we won't sell a car that requires that much maintenance and associated cost.

Second, the X - 7 would be our first complete car -- nothing from a donor car, and no off-the-shelf parts we could buy. The start-up cost is massive, a half million dollars or more to do it justice, and we just don't have anywhere near that much money.

So we'll continue designing making CF parts in house that improve other cars and see what the future brings.

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