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So with booking in having been open for a week and just 7 more sleeps until race day we have a fantastic total of 61 drivers pre-booked so far. Here's the list of names of the runners and riders, if your name's not down get the form filled in and let's go racing

Please also don't forget to complete the driver details form so that we have your vital statistics

Ian Ward
Charles Krontiris
Trevor bone
Liam bone
Lee Hewson
Joe Cockill
Shaun Thompson
Gareth Jaine
Dave Dodd
Dwain Ashdown
Paul mills
Steven kime
Lewis Nutten
Anthony Potter
Paul Nutten
Russell Gardner
Adrian parkes
Kamran Wells
Darren Wells
Alan paver
Richard Yeo
Stephen Johnson
Daniel Robins U13
Neil Woodhead
David Robinson
Rob Horne
Phillip Allcroft
Laura Hicklin
Paul Hicklin
Toby Stephenson
Steve Parkin
Phillip Brooks
Daniel Austin
James Perry
Paul Brooks
Chris Read
Paul Mason
Craig Gibson
Alex Spray
Andrew Twigger
Martin Shelton
Stefano Lazzarato
Karl Marsden
Kole Marsden
Freddie Thompson
Kev jones
Iain Mellish
Philip Barlow
Alexander Bold
Stephen childerhouse
Richard Drury
David Ingram
Richard Johnson
Leon Morrell
Richard Sharp
John Langley
Mark Thornewill
Jacob Thornewill
David Watson
Mark Brownsword
Graham Fisher
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