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Don't think there's any negative comments unless I've missed them! But thanks for the backup if I did and nice comments Dave!

It would be good to cover the dirt but it would never be financially viable, you would need a larger building with greater cost and wouldn't get the numbers week in-week out, year in year out.

The astro track works really well wet or dry so that should stay outdoors.

This new building ticks most boxes and crosses over outside the R/C only market, we can use it as a function venue for pretty much anything, in a nice rural location with parking, caravan space etc . We will keep improving the site long term, this is a substantial investment and leap into a 'proper venue'.

My only regret so far is the dirt track doesn't get used more, but could we top the Euros? It's arguably worth it for that alone! It's really down to our poor weather, it's always there though so it will be used again
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