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Hello John

Thanks for taking the time to ask the question. Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, the track is shut until further notice due to Covid-19 situation.

I myself haven't driven the new track yet but am now itching to get along now that we are all in lockdown.

2wd is what everyone manks on about now, 4wd is yesterdays news, but not unwelcome. If fun is your game, any modern (or not quite as modern) 2wd will fit your bill, with some shorty lipos and a mild brushless, eg: 8.5 or 7.5. If blowing all your hard earned week in week out is your thing though, you'll need 2 cars at least, one for the wet, and one for dry, and maybe another for the Pagen rituals we hold there on the occasional late night when the moon is full.

Anyway, keep the Torch torch burning and we hope to see you once this has all blown over providing we all make it.
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