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Hi dude.
you are right about Joseph building a car from his passion.
i can remember first speaking with him about it after an EFRA GP in Norway in 2007. He had some really cool ideas & we spoke a lot over the winter.
in 2008 we just had stickers & Tshirts at the Euros warmup in Crete but he was trying different setups. there were a load of alloy parts made for the Hyper 7 which did make the cars better through geometry changes.
There was lots of prototyping over the next couple of years, Joseph won the first meeting he entered with his car & i was the first person to drive THE car in competition in the UK on a 2 day meeting at Slough.(no i didn't break it )
Production kits came later in the year. There were some problems with the first batch of platics being a bit brittle but these were upgraded very quickly & the problem disppeared.

You could tell when building the kits that they were designed by a racer as the radio tray was super quick to remove as were the diffs. What is especially nice is the way things are keyed together adding strength by design.
the second version saw all the weight centralised with a narrow chassis, i really liked this configuration but it was considered too lively & a wider layout with conventional C hub type suspension was released.
this has been tweaked over time & the current kits are very well sorted & also infinitely adjustable.
What sets JQ apart from everyone else is that you can speak to him directly.
He is accessible on facebook & will help where he can, also there is a real family feel to the team. You will be able to get help when you need it.
as far as i know modeltune do a great job in supporting the brand

i'm happy & proud to call Joseph a friend

this was just a very quick skim over the birth of the brand.
a new car released into an oversaturated market against brands like durango with big budgets behind them. JQ is still here
it's a solid product made by a good guy, go for it. What's the worst that could happen
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