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Old 17-01-2012
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Default QTEQ - New in from Japan!

Hi all,

We've just added some great new products to our range from Japanese brand QTEQ.

It's hard to talk up a set of electrical connectors but QTEQ's range really does stand out from the rest. First up are the new Power Banana's which I'm sure some of you have already spotted. These 4mm bullet connectors allow you to solder the wire straight onto the top of the connector and keep it all low profile, perfect for those wanting a neat job.

We also have the Power Terminals in stock too. By soldering a set of these onto your ESC & motor you now have the ability to connect/disconnect the motor within seconds using 3 screws. Ideal for those changing motors to suit different tracks.

And last but not least, the QTEQ Differential Ring Truer. This great device allows you to get a perfectly smooth diff ring surface with micro grooves that not only improve diff performance but longevity too.

All in stock now so hit up this link for more info.
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