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Arrow Joe Cockill - Associated B44.1

A recent cold afternoon down at the British Winter Open gave me a wonderful opportunity to spend some time picking the brains of Associated racer Joe Cockill whilst looking over his favourite set-up for his B44.1 4WD buggy. Joe gave me exclusive access to his 'baby' as he calls it, with some really interesting pointers on how he chooses to run the now famous chassis layout when he races outdoors on astroturf. Joe is a real character and his relaxed and fun-loving attitude are in stark contrast to his deep and detailed mind set when it comes to the set-up of his off-road racing cars. Joe was quick to point out that what works for one racer may not work for the next as he showed me around his 4WD beast.

Joe's car was not racing during the British Winter Open meeting that we attended together. Joe was visiting the venue to assist with some race organisation duties and also support his team mates. I was at the event to not just grab some time with Joe and his car, but also to cover the event for a photographic race report. If you are yet to see that report you can view it here: http://offroadradiocontrol.blogspot.com/

As we settled down in a corner of the busy pit area we chatted about how the Team Associated B44.1 platform has become very much a 'go to' buggy for racers who are looking for high quality, race winning pedigree, with cheap spares and a wealth of set-up information due to the popularity of this platform. Joe agreed that the B44.1's rise to racing fame has been largely due to it's no nonsense, racer friendly construction, and it's 'safe' handling qualities lap after lap.

Although Joe does enjoy a good indoor race meeting, he was quick to point out that his true passion is outdoor astroturf racing, and he likes nothing better than pushing his B44.1 buggy around the most demanding of off-road racing tracks.

Joe has kindly given us all an opportunity to learn more about his starting set-up when he is faced with a high pressure outdoor race meeting as he tours the country with his team mates including Associated racing legend and top Centro C4.1 pioneer Tom Yardy.

This set-up is a real solid starting point for anybody who is looking to really see how far the B44.1 can go when it comes to racing on the 'green stuff'.


Ride Height - 18mm

Camber Angle – 0 degrees

Castor Angle – Standard Kit

Toe In/Out – 0 degrees

Sway Bar – Medium

Sway Bar link – Low position

Shock positions – Top = Inner hole, Bottom = outside hole on wishbone

Camber link positions – Inside - Forward block position, Outside - Back position

Shocks – Springs: Kyosho Yellow, Rebound: 0%, Preload: 5mm, Oil WT: 42.5, Piston: 2 hole,

Joe pointed out that although the buggy we were sat in front of was minus the sway bar and yellow springs mentioned in his set-up suggestions, he would always add these items before taking the B44.1 out of it's current resting place and thrashing it around an outdoor track. Joe expanded on these adjustments:

"During the winter months I spend a lot of time experimenting with different set-up items and position changes, hence the blue Associated springs on the front and the Schumacher mini-pin tyres...as soon as we hit regionals and nationals season...it is straight over to this previously suggested set-up. I will be doing this over the next week or so ready for action!"

Joe moved on to explaining his choice of set-up for the rear end of his B44.1:


Ride Height - 18mm

Camber Angle – 0 degrees

Toe In/Out – 0 degrees with stock hubs

Sway Bar – Medium

Sway Bar link – Low position

Wishbone Droop – 2.00 mm

Shock positions – Top = Inside hole, Bottom = Inside hole on wishbone

Camber link positions – Forward block position on inside , Outside position forwards

Shocks – Springs: Silver AE, Rebound: 0%, Preload: 5mm, Oil WT: 27.5, Piston: 1 hole

Joe was really keen to point out that some racers may find the rather large difference in shock oil choice from front to back unusual. He stated that if he wants the buggy to ride well over the bumpy sections but still be capable of putting down all the power he needs in sweepers and straights, he prefers a much stiffer front end.

"It all comes down to personal choice really, try this set-up out and you will see why I choose such a dramatic difference from front to back. The front of the buggy rides really well in the bumps"

Joe went on to explain his choice of electrics for his B44.1 outdoor set-up:

Motor: Speed Passion v3.0 6.5T

Spur Gear: 84T

Pinion Gear: 19T or 20T

Battery Cells: Speed Power 4200 mah Saddle packs

ESC: Speed Passion GT2 with Pro Programme software set

Servo: KO 2343

Personal Transponder: AMB

Joe also has a few pointers with regards some 'secret' added extras that he currently uses for improved handling during outdoor usage.

"I currently run 86 grms of added weight between the battery cells. Associated make a really nice weight set that clips straight into position and this really sits the rear end down nicely during mid-corner driving and again during bumpy sections of track"

Joe has also changed all his turnbuckle rodends to the white RPM type and uses the stock FT Associated blue turnbuckle links.

Joe's tyre choice for all outdoor basic setups is as follows:

Schumacher mini-spikes all round in yellow compound with medium 'tubby' Schumacher inserts

"I currently run my ackerman link position in the forward hole, I find I can switch from full lock left to right quicker this way"

Looking over Joe's B44.1 buggy it became really clear that apart from a few personal choices with shock oils and added weight, the buggy is very simple in it's set-up. Every racer who owns this buggy will be happy to learn that complicated set-up regimes are obviously not the way to go.

"Associated make cars that are already well thought out straight from kit build. They are always easy to work on and provide so much reward when driven hard and enjoyed...I love my B44.1"

Team Durango - Inside Line Racing - Rudebits - dBoots - Trakpower

Check out my trader feedback here - http://www.oople.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65776

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