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Old 10-10-2015
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Default 2wd tyres and insert choice

Hi everyone I'm pretty new to 1/10th racing but I've entered the off road wars winter championship and just wondered what the best tyres and inserts are for 2wd,I'm assuming it's yellow mini pins on the back and low pro cut staggers up front but what inserts for the pins?

Thanks in advance

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Old 11-11-2015
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I know for the past few years part worn/heavily worn Schumacher Mini Pins were the best.

Is this still the case?

If so I need to start scrubbing some in
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Old 12-11-2015
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I have been using Mini Pin 2's on the rear with Cut Staggers on the front (2wd), Mini pins on front (4wd) to give more steering.
This is what most drivers I've seen seem to use, personally I don't find that worn tyres on the back work and change them as soon as they start losing grip.
For inserts on the rear am using Shumacher Med (Blue) standard rears or Tubby's.
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Old 14-11-2015
Rossman Rossman is offline
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Hi guys I found out for myself in the end but I agree that once they are half worn they are completely useless I'm going through a set a day although I'm sure my setup could use some work but the ballistic buggy pins in white were better than the Schumacher version as they require no breaking in.


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