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Old 22-06-2018
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Default Sanwa Gemini 2 question

Hi Just a quick question. I am fitting a Second Hand Sanwa Gemini set to a friends R/C car, all set up and working OK, my question is about the display.
When I switch on what ever menu I'm in the menu area on the display blinks on and off (I assume that this is to let you know the menu you are in) Is there any way of stopping this blinking once you have made any adjustments?
Just a bit off putting.
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Old 22-06-2018
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I've got the same radio and I don't think you can stop it flashing - I always set it to the battery voltage after any adjustment as it's the lowest one down, and TBH I've never noticed it when running as I tend to look at my car and not the TX.

I thought the same as you when I first got it though, but it's never distracted me.
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