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Old 24-07-2013
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Default C4.1 big bore setup


I have finally moved om to mid-enige kit after running b4's since 2005
I have built my c4.1 with brand new b4.2 parts and bulldog body. B44 wingmount in lower hole. The big bore dampers are untouched ground for me, aswell is midmotor car. Im looking for a easy to drive starting setup for the car. Surface is astroturf with sand. The surface is extremly bumpy... I would love to have a car that is forgiving in highspeed bumpy corners. Tyres used with b4: minispike yellow rear, cut stagger om front. Also driven with minispike 1 row cut in front. Tyre suggestions is also welcome. Thanks
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Old 24-07-2013
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Try this for a start. Track was very sandy.

Gareth Stanton
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