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Default Rules and Behaviour

When I stuck some basic club rules up on the wall last night (21/1/12) and mentioned them on here, I was worried that it might come across as heavy handed and spoil people's fun.

After last night I'm of the opposite opinion - I now think they're actually about ensuring that we all have fun and enjoy our racing.

For those that don't know, there was some behaviour last night that cast a shadow over what's supposed to be a fun night out racing model cars with your mates.

No need for a full post mortem but it included over aggressive driving, swearing and abuse on the rostrum and general disrespect for fellow racers.

So, here are those rules in full. Cast an eye over them. You may not think that any apply to you. If so, read them again because there's probably at least one that does. I know I swear a lot on the rostrum (mainly at myself) and blip the throttle when I am waiting for a marshall. Slapped wrist.

I know I wouldn't want to keep coming on Saturdays if they were like last night. The key troublemakers weren't actually club members but we can all play our part in making sure we don't spoil other people's enjoyment of a great hobby and possibly deter new racers from joining.


York Off Road Car Club Rules of Racing - January 2012

Special note regarding oil on track:

• If at any time during the evening a shock leaks oil onto the track, tell race control immediately so that it can be cleaned up. This is not just a racing matter but one of housekeeping – the school do not want oil spreading on their gym floor.

When racing:

• The general rule when racing is to respect other drivers and cars on the track.
• If you come up behind a car that you are about to lap shout, “Lapping,” or something similar as a signal for the other driver to give you room to get past. Do not simply drive up the back of them.
• If you and another car are competing for position, wait for a safe place to overtake. Don’t run them off the track.
• If you are about to be lapped make room for the other driver to get past, do not block their path.
• If you accidentally cut a corner or miss part of the track, wait long enough so that you have no advantage over other drivers.
• No swearing or abuse on the rostrum. Calling a marshall's attention is fine if done correctly
• If your car comes to a stop on the straight, warn the other drivers and alert by marshalls by shouting something like, “Car on the straight!”
• If you crash and are waiting for a marshall do not rev your motor.
• If you crash out, blow up your car or even need to do a little wee, you must remain on the rostrum until the race is declared over - climbing down from the rostrum can be distracting for others.

When marshalling:

• The general rule when marshalling is to keep the race moving.
• Safety comes first: do not try to rescue a crashed car unless it is safe for you to do so.
• Stay alert – no mobile phones / texting when marshalling.
• Get to cars as quickly as possible.
• Put cars back on the track in a sensible manner, facing the right way and not in the path of others.
• If you spot a broken shock / oil leak (see first rule) remove the car from track and alert race control.
• If a car stops on the main straight alert drivers by shouting, “Car on straight!”
• If repairing a car, make sure you do not neglect other crashes.
• Do not obscure the view of drivers.
• If, for any reason, you are not at your marshal point by the start of the race you will lose your fastest time.
• A marshal can try to repair a damaged car, but the actual marshalling takes priority over repairs.

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Extra rule added to both sections. Please feel free do discuss any further refinements in the other thread: http://www.oople.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91168
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