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Default esc issue!!

Just picked up a hobby wing quick run esc for my son brand new calibrated it works fine.. but when the controller is turned off the car hits full acceleration... I canít figure this out must be a easy fix but Iím stuck
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In 'the old days' (with 27Mhz etc. transmitters) it was standard protocol to turn on the transmitter before the car is on and turn it off after the car is turned off for this very reason, and in case any other signals were transmitted on the frequency nearby.

So this I guess would be the first thing to do. As far as my knowledge goes, most (competition) ESCs are programmed to stay completely idle when the transmitter is turned off first, or even to turn off when the car does not detect its transmitter signal for five seconds.

Maybe it would help to check that all trims are neutral on the transmitter and calibrate the ESC again; otherwise I would contact the manufacturer about it. They should know

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You probably just need to rebind your handset to your receiver if you haven't done so since you replaced the ESC. The receiver is most likely going into the failsafe setting when the handset is turned off. rebinding will set the failsafe to neutral.

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Yep, sounds like the failsafe on the RX rather than an ESC issue.

Rebinding some (mine for example) deletes the failsafe setting and doesn't default it to neutral, you have to manually set it after a rebind.
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