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Old 14-01-2018
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Default FlySky GT3B Transmitter Problem

I had a problem with the steering on my buggy not centering properly and have narrowed the issue down to being the FlySky GT3B transmitter. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar issue with this transmitter?

The problem appears to be that when you turn on the transmitter, the steering is all to the way to the right. I've reset all trims, exp etc. On the transmitter itself, you're supposed to be able to press 'enter' to go into the menu, but when I press 'enter' I'm taken into what appears to be some kind of channel 1 calibration option where turning the wheel reduces or increases the number displayed on screen. I had read that there is a hacked firmware option for this transmitter where you can hold the wheel all to the way to the right and long press the enter button to enter the calibration menu, and wondered if non-hacked transmitters also have this option, as that would explain why pressing enter takes me to a calibration menu.

I've contacted the original ebay seller (in Malaysia), but their response tells me that they don't make much profit, and have offered a £7 refund and I get the keep the faulty transmitter. I've raised it with Paypal as the transmitter is only 4 month old, hopefully I'll get a refund.

In the meantime if anyone has experienced a similar problem or has a suggestion I'd love to hear it.

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Old 29-03-2018
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I've got the same TX and mine doesn't do that. It sounds like you may have the hacked firmware already on it, and the menu is the added subtrim menu which could explain the steering all the way to the right issue.

Possible the menu button is sticking causing a long press?
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Old 30-03-2018
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Upload the proper firmware and do a reset first?
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