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Old 05-01-2014
boy_lard100 boy_lard100 is offline
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Default Next indoor race,

Hey all,
Hoping to make it down for the next race,
Just want to ask a couple of questions first,

As I'm just starting up again do I need brca licence or so is there a grace period?
Do I need my own transponder or is there hand outs?

I will hopefully be racing my bmax2.
I have never raced 2nd before so should be interesting,
Also as I will probably be on 27th rather than 2.4ghz how many crystals should I bring,
Also will the new transponders run off the battery port or will I need a y-lead?

Many thanks
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Old 06-01-2014
lardy37's Avatar
lardy37 lardy37 is offline
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unofficialy 2 meeting grace period, there are about 10 handout pt and yes they should work of battery port, not many on crystals but always worth bringing 2 sets just incase and bmax will work fine, and drivers of all standards so dont worry
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Old 06-01-2014
DynaMight DynaMight is offline
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I ran there first time without a BRCA license no problems. Also I have a spare 27MHz crystal (27.095MHz) I can bring along just incase.

Anything else you need, just gimme a shout.
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